Tuesday, November 06, 2007

What happened to the good old-fashioned MCSE?

Windows Server 2008 will be released early next year. That’s right…I said it, another major server OS will be released with undoubtedly more to learn! However, with this release, Microsoft is also rolling out major changes to its certification program. All of us old MCSEs are in for some big changes.

For example, the MCSE we’re all familiar with is going away. Yep, you heard it, completely going away! Instead, new certification titles, like MCTS, or Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist: Active Directory Configuration or Application Platform Configuration, will be the certification de jour.

Here’s an overview of the new Windows Server 2008 certification program. Specifically, it will address:
  • New changes in the Windows Server 2008 certification program
  • What you need to do to transition your Windows Server 2003 MCSE skills to 2008
  • What you need to do to go from Windows 2000 MCSE to 2008
  • Learn practical tips on what you can do now to start planning
The world’s most popular certification is going through a major remodel-are you ready?

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