Monday, December 11, 2006

Microsoft - only two players capable of dominating the web race

Google is the market leader when it comes to search and online advertising. Yahoo! comes second. Microsoft trails in both these markets but is hopeful of closing the gap and become a leader in the coming years.

The software giant has now said that they believe that Google and Microsoft have pockets deep enough to survive in this competitive market.

Steve Berkowitz, head of Microsoft’s online services group said that Yahoo! is likely to end up becoming a smaller player relying upon third party services.

Berkowitz said: “You have to be able to invest at a level that only right now two companies in the world can invest at and that’s Google and Microsoft.”

Berkowitz added that they need to work hard on getting the web users to spend more time on their websites. We say, make your site work in Firefox and Opera and they just might do that. My experiences using MSN services is terrible on the Opera web browser. The web is platform independent. Do not force the user to use Internet Explorer and ActiveX and Windows Media Player technology.

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