Monday, October 23, 2006

Some great Cisco tutorials

Cisco CCNA: Password Recovery Procedures

It might happen on your CCNA exam, it might happen on your production network - but sooner or later, you´re going to have to perform password recovery on a Cisco router or switch. This involves manipulating the router´s configuration register, and that is enough to make some CCNA candidates and network administrators really nervous! It´s true that setting the configuration register to the wrong value can damage the router, but if you do the proper research before starting the password recovery process, you´ll be fine...

Read the full article here.

BSCI Exam Tutorial: An Introduction To BGP.

When you´re studying for the BSCI exam on the way to earning your CCNP certification, it´s safe to say that BGP is like nothing you’ve studied to this point.

BGP is an external routing protocol used primarily by Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Unless you work for an ISP today or in the future, you may have little or no prior exposure to BGP. Understanding BGP is a great addition to your skill set - and you have to know the basics well to pass the BSCI exam.

Read BSCI Exam Tutorial: An Introduction To BGP here

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